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Google Glass + Spritz: Testing speed reading on the wearable device

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From the moment the technology emerged, I knew I had to try Spritz on Google Glass… and despite trying different, more sophisticated hacks, it turns out the simplest hack worked best.

If you haven’t seen it before, Spritz is an amazing concept that has users speed read up to 700 words per minute, one word at a time.

When I saw it, I immediately wanted to test it out on Glass, realizing that the format appeared to match well with Glass and other small-screen wearables. I looked around and found at least one or two promising hacks to easily get Spritz onto the wearable without having to develop an actual app, but in the end an even simpler trick worked just as well.

I just screen captured the speed reading experience, uploaded the video onto YouTube, emailed the URL of the video to myself and read the email on Glass, which took me to the video via the URL. Clunky, but effective.

Now, if you have Glass, you can use this page to experience it yourself!

300 words per minute

500 words per minute

700 words per minute

Please post a comment and let me know how you rate this ‘speed reading’ experience. For me, I thought it was pretty good… although I want to test out a long form article.

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On September 12, 2014

One Response to Google Glass + Spritz: Testing speed reading on the wearable device

  1. Rob S. says:

    Wow. I was unfortunately just on my laptop, but I could easily see this translate to wearable tech. I haven’t had something stimulate my mind like that in awhile. Definitely the future.

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