Journalism grad student Jenna Pittaway present her idea for Glassware.

Meetup and an update

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We’re blazing through the semester and moving quickly through the development process. As a class, we’ve decided what kind of app we want to build (more on this later), and now we’re working hard to create and assemble our respective pieces of the puzzle.

Deciding what to build wasn’t easy.

Our public meetup was a big success – we had a full house waiting to hear our pitches, and all the ideas were solid. Everyone in the class pitched at least two ideas, which ranged from full-fledged apps to something as simple as a feature. After voting three times each for our favorite pitches, a minor problem emerged. Our votes didn’t indicate a clear frontrunner that we all rallied behind. We essentially had a three-way tie.

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Over the next week, we split into groups to create more detailed pitches for the top three ideas: a location-based app featuring user-generated content, a multimedia package creator, and a real-time audio knowledge base.

After our second pitches, we voted again. Still, we didn’t have a clear winner. Each team made a good case for their chosen application – some fleshed out the idea with prototype cards and one group even brainstormed possible app names.

We want the app to be inclusive. We want it to enhance the journalistic offerings on Glass but also to have broader applications – something everyone can use. So what did we decide? We decided to keep features from each of the top three pitches to create an app (or apps!) that does all the things we want: create shareable journalistic content, contextualize it, and fetch content based on audio cues.

The next steps are already underway. Developers are testing the limits of the Glass hardware and building out a system to support the content that the journalists will develop in the coming weeks. And the “Misfits” (an endearing term, really, for those of us who defy classification) are wireframing and standardizing the way we present our content on-screen.

We are shooting for another meetup in November where everyone can test our work and give us feedback. Thanks to everyone who came!

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On October 7, 2014
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