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First reactions to the app that we’ve been building

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We’ve all been in a room with someone we want to impress. A prospective employer… or, say, a cute biology major we want to go out with. We want to appear smart, talk to them about what they want to talk about, while coming across as well-read and sophisticated.

Only one problem.

We don’t know jack about biology. Or finance. Or Ebola. We’ll swallow the awkward silences and desperately find a way to change the topic.

The app that we’ve been building hopes to change that.

It’s a “real-time audio knowledge engine” that hears a conversation and adds contextual information by displaying cards on Glass’ prism.

2014-11-18 20.00.30We call it Glass Genius.

The ultimate goal is to build an encyclopedia of informational cards for different topics like finance, economics, business, medicine, television shows and so on. But for now, as a proof of concept, we’ve built one for the Ebola coverage.

If you’re stuck in a room talking to someone about the latest Ebola news, almost anything you want to know about the topic will pop-up to enhance your knowledge of the subject.

When we began this class more than 12 weeks ago, our biggest challenge was to build an app that would utilize Glass’s uniqueness to its fullest potential and at the same time aid people better their everyday lives. We chose Glass Genius because it allows us both these things.

After building it for weeks, we finally got a chance to user test the app with people outside of the class. We got interesting reactions ranging from, “Knowledge is now a buzzword away” to “felt like a robot.”

Almost all of them were excited when the first card came up during the conversation. Almost everyone agreed that the app has great potential and liked the way it personalized information. They also gave constructive criticism about the amount of text in the cards, fonts, images and the speed of the cards. Some of the users were wearing glass for the first time and their discomfort with glass also influenced their reactions.

Overall, we got to learn a lot from the experience and are working on making changes before we get ready for the final launch. We hope you continue following our journey.

We’ve taken the users feedback and made some tweaks and now we plan to roll this out at our launch event Saturday, December 6 at USC Annenberg. Join us to test out our app and some other projects we’ve been working on. Details here.

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