Trying Glass Genius

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Glass Genius is available as an APK that can be sideloaded on your Glass device.  To sideload apps, use the following instructions:

To launch the experiences, use the following voice commands or select via the menu on Glass:

Ok Glass, Show Me the News – Launches our speed-reading news app with a sample list of articles

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Ok Glass, Find a Video – Launches our POV video explorer with a series of short videos shot #throughglass

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Ok Glass, Recognize This – Launches Glass Genius, our audio knowledge engine.  See a list of keyword matches that you can try saying while using Glass Genius.

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Download the Glass APK Here

  • Works on Glass firmware XE22 or Later
  • Requires a reliable data connection for best performance

Download the Phone Companion APK Here

  • Optional; allows you to view the cards shown in your Genius feed on your phone as well
  • Works on Android 5.0 or later

Don’t have Glass? No problem. You can still take a look at the collection of POV videos.

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On December 9, 2014
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